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Beautiful game!

What is it about, though? There's no indication of what the game is about really...

this was so cute. like wow. i absolutely loved this game! the endings were fun to achieve and i really liked the endings! the music complimented it so well and the graphics were so cute! i enjoyed the fact that even though this was on the shorter side there was still such a great story line!

cute little game!! adorable characters and over all just really well made. a quick play, but very entertaining! 

What a cute game! Love, from another Vancouverite. <3

I'm a little late in playing this but I loved it! the art style was so cute! Though it was short the character development was done where it didn't matter that it wasn't that long of a game. And to have different endings was amazing! 

Gran juego, ¡¡lo ame!! logre sacar todos los finales. Increíble trama, ¡todo!♡


Short, but nice! Really moody and the plot-twist was good! 10/9,2313,13354


Such a wholesome and amazing game! The graphics were so cute and set the tone really well, the dialogues and the options were also really great and well done! Even the music was nice and alleviated the mood! It was such a wholesome and sweet game and it was such great fun to experience!

This game was sooo adorable!!! 

Really cute and short game. I enjoyed it a lot!


I got the "love" ending first and thought it was just friendly love until I played again and got the actual "friend" and "eternity in hell" endings, lolololol. great game though! the artstyle and humor was my favorite, along with the general plotline itself of course, would totally play your other games!

Awww, so cute! <3

This is very sweet, it was interesting to read and go through the options :)


I didn't forget about this game. So neither should you

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How do you get the game in russian, unless there's not a verison in russian

Hey strateaux what do you think is happening to pudding in the bad end path right now?

I love the journey reference


very cute graphics, cool story too, but a little short ...

So cute <3

this is game is LOVELY!!!! i loved being friends with Baphomet <3


This game was adorable! ;-; It's sooo nice seeing Baphomet.. or any demonic entity, portrayed as a cute type of character. Definitely different! I loved every second of it, and the art is sooo cute.

I absolutely loved this! It's a special brand of adorable and relatable in spite of the fact that few of us have ever gotten on this particular train before. 


I love the art, humor and irony in this game!

"We MADE Tinder." xD

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Lovely lil game , cute characters and art ^^

Lovely game and beautiful art :D I'm a videogame translator and localizer and I'd love to work with you in translating the game into Spanish if you're interested! Message me if that's the case, have a nice da!!

This game was really cute, I loved playing this game :3

the art is cute and the possible endings were sweet. i really enjoyed the music too. i think it's a game everyone would like and could have fun with

What a very cute game. I like it

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I love this, it’s so cute. I love the ending that I got :); I'm glad that it ended happily for me. But I am curious as to what the other endings are like. I'll have to go through it again and see what happens :)


hey! how many endings are there?

I'm probably late but there's 3!

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Here's my playthrough

The only thing negative that I have to say about the game is that whenever you get the Friend and the Love endings, you get the line "I would love to keep in contact with a friend" (or something like that) and I feel that you should get a different line because when I played through this it felt weird to have him say friend when he loves us. Anyway, amazing game


Well this was a fun game. Really cute.


This was a really cute game. I really enjoyed playing it!


thank you for the play through!


Hello! I like this game very much! (I actually kinda wish it was a bit longer, lol)

Would you mind if I were to write about it on my blog?


Yep, that's fine!


simple and the character design but i cant read lol

thanks for playing our game!

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